The Football Account 

The Football Account provides you with a simple way to sign in to access football's digital channels and manage your profile from one place. Once signed up you can do the following:

  • Register as a Player, Coach, Volunteer or Referee
  • Access exclusive ticket pre-sale offers
  • Receive discounts on national teams’ tickets and finals series
  • Manage your email preferences

 Click on the following link  to create your football account.

When creating your football account, please use the same email address you used to register for previous seasons in My Footbal Club (where possible).

Using the same email address, will allow the new registration system to match you to your existing registration history from MyFootballClub into the new Play Football registration system.


  • Historically participants would log into the old MFC registration system using their FFA number.
  • This FFA number holds the participants registration history in MyFootballClub.
  • The new Playfootball registration system has replaced the old MyFootballClub registration system
  • Log in to the new Playfootball registration system is now performed by using a football account with an email address and password
  • The Football account gives access to football registrations, exclusive content, special offers and discounts.
    • Access to perform a registration to participate in football
    • Access to a registration participant portal to manage all your registrations and details
    • Access exclusive ticket pre-sale offers
    • Receive discounts on national teams’ tickets and finals series
    • Manage your preferences online

Creating a Football Account

Existing Participants need to ‘Claim’ their profile by entering key information that will match with the existing record within MyFootballClub.

Click on the following link to Register for your Football account.

What is required to complete the Football Account process?

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address

* Please use the same email address as used to access My Fooball Club (if possible)


Tips for Parents registering on behalf of their kids:

Parents are encouraged to create one Football Account. With that one football account you can register multiple family members

When registering family members (ie your Child) in the registration process, on the player search screen please use the email address that your registered your child with last season in MFC. This will assist in linking the registration history to the child’s registration record.