Creating a Football Account

  • You can create a Football Account during your initial registration* first steps in the registration process. Once created this will be where your player details, registration information and history can be found.
  • Your Football Account can be created using your social account (Facebook or Gmail) *

  • Your Football Account can be created using your email address*. Details listed here are for the primary account holder.
  • One Football Account can manage the whole family’s registration

What is required to complete the Football Account process (Email)?

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address (make sure you have access to this email, as a verification code is required to proceed)

    * Please use the same email address as used to access My Football Club (if possible, to retain your historical data)
    **When creating your football account, please use the same email address you used to register for previous seasons in My Football Club (where possible).
    Using the same email address, will allow the new registration system to match you to your existing registration history from MyFootballClub into the new Play Football registration system.

What is required to complete the Football Account process (Social Account)?

  • Facebook Login details
  • Gmail Login

    ** If you are already logged in to your social account you may automatically create an account by selecting Social account**


Tips for Parents registering on behalf of their kids:

Parents are encouraged to create one Football Account. With that one football account you can register multiple family members

When registering family members (ie your Child) in the registration process, on the player search screen please use the email address that your registered your child with last season in MFC. This will assist in linking the registration history to the child’s registration record.

* Football Account – One account that lets you connect with all the Football Networks in Australia. Please refer to the Football Account tab to learn more.
*Social Accounts – If used to create your football account, you will need to continue with this sign in process. The email to your associated social account cannot be used to create a Football Account with Email address and Password

*Email Address – Please use an email Address you can access right away; a verification code is required to finalise the creation of your account.