Login to Organisation > Menu: Registration> Signup Form Management>  Add/Edit Registration Form

Sign up forms provide organisations with the ability to receive payments and process registrations online. Details of the Form Fields are available in the attachment provided.

General Setting

  •  The general settings will have locked fields which will be set in the template created by FFA. Organisations are to add the pre-created disclaimer in this section.

Payment Setting

  • Payment setting are to be set in this section of the Signup  form, Organisations will need to decide if they are accepting offline paymentsfor  the upcoming season in this section.


    NOTE: IP Payment System will be the Payment gateway providers for the 2019  season. If your Organisation requires access, please speak with your Member  Federation directly.

Form Fields

  • FFA's set templates (Junior/Senior Forms) will have locked fields that cannot be removed by Organisations, additional fields can be added and made mandatory  by Organisations.
  • Additional questions can be added to the signup form 'Other Fields' section by creating questions under Custom Fields Management.

Menu: People> Custom Person Lists> Custom Fields Management> Add/Edit Custom Field 

Optional Products (Member Product)

  • Optional products allow organisations to offer optional products to their registrants
  •  Products need to be added prior to creating the signup form – create products                    

Menu: Registration>product management > Add Other Product  

  •  Optional product examples: shorts, socks, hats or shirts etc.