Menu: People> Custom Person List> Custom Fields Management > Add/Edit Custom Field

Creating Additional Questions Steps

1. Login

2. Select - People

3. Select - Custom persons List

4. Select - Custom fields Management

5. Select - Add New Custom Field

*picture below will assist

Adding your question

NameCategories your question .i.e. Volunteer (optional)

Description:  Is where you enter your question . i.e. Would you like to volunteer for Canteen Duty ?

Type: Answer Options - text box ,Drop down-list, Checkbox list etc

Options : Answer response - i.e. check box / drop down box list = ' yes,no,maybe'

Role Sub- Role - Select the roles relevant to question

Sort Order - Questions will appear in this order for the Signup Form selection


(exit the people tab)

Applying your question to your registration product.


1. Select - Registration tab

2. Select - Signup form management

3. Edit/Create signup form

4. Scroll to other fields

5. Highlight your newly created* question

6. Save your Signup form

[!] Signup forms are linked to registration products, when you assign an additional question to a form the question will appear during the registration process