Menu: People> Custom Person List> Custom Fields Management > Add/Edit Custom Field

Creating additional questions to ask your club participants can be created through custom fields management. Additional questions are to be created first and later added to a particular Signup Form.

Name: Category for the question  .i.e. Volunteer

Description: Ask the question. i.e. Would you like to volunteer for Canteen Duty ?

Type: Answer Options - text box ,Drop down-list, Checkbox list etc

Options : Answer response - i.e. check box / drop down box list = ' yes,no,maybe'

Role Sub- Role

Sort Order - Questions will appear in this order for the Signup Form selection


Once Clubs have created additional questions they will then be available to be added to either Junior or Senior Signup Forms. Clubs are to select a question and arrow across and the selected fields box will display the selected questions, the option to make the question mandatory for participants is also available.