Below are instructions to help participants self-register for the upcoming season

How to Create a Football Account

  1. Head to : 
  2.  Click  on “Create Account
    Already have an account? Click Here to sign in
  3. Fill in Account Holder details
  4. Click Here to sign into your newly created Football Account


Registering  to <Enter Name of Club Here>


After logging into your own Football account,  Head to


  1. Click on “Re-Registering to play this season?”
  2. Use the search box to find your Club or Association
  3. Select your Club or Association
  4. Select 'Get Started'
  5. Sign in to your Football Account
    If you are already signed in you wont need to sign in again. If you don't have a Football Account, please create one
  6. Select the participant you are registering
  7. Select  “Continue”
  8. Select your 'Product'
    If you are unsure what PRODUCT to select please speak to your club directly
  9. Review 'Product Details'
  10. Select 'Continue'
  11. Fill in mandatory fields marked with *
  12. Select 'Continue'
  13. Add/Change your Profile Photo
    This photo will be used on your ID Card
  14. Enter in any Vouchers/Coupons & select 'Enter'
  15. Proceed to Select your Payment option
    If you the payment options presented to you do not fit your current circumstance please speak with your club directly