Please follow the below steps to update a registrant status from Awaiting Payment to Approval Required after taking the registrants manual payment.

** These steps are to be used only AFTER taking a manual payment outside of a online credit card payment via the playfootball registration system from a registrant (ie cash, cheque, EFT etc) 

Update the registrant record to reflect the payment amount received and payment method

1. Find person you want to take payment for - edit

2. Activity tab \ payments option

3. Add Payment

4. Enter in payment details - Tick to Save payment line details

** This process purely captures manual payment details, it does NOT update the registration status to Paid. Please continue steps below to mark registrant as paid

How to update registrant status from Awaiting Payment to Paid (Awaiting Approval)

1. Find the registrant in question (via registration management) - note their player ID

2. Go to Registration \ Invoices - Search for the registrant via their name, ID or FFA no

Click pencil icon to edit their payment status

3. a) Change Sub-Status to "Not Paid" - Save   .. then
b) Change Sub-Status to "Paid" - Save

4. Registrant status now updates to "Approval Required"