Participants can access their participant portal AFTER they have placed a registration, registrations placed from 2019 on wards will provide you access to your Participant portal

Accessing you participant portal is done via your FOOTBALL ACCOUNT*
To sign in to your Football Account CLICK HERE

Your Football Account login page should look like this:

[!] If you have forgotten your password, select 'Reset Password' and follow the steps to reset

Once you have logged in you should see the following page:

Select 'Manage my registration', this will direct you to your Participant portal. Your participant portal should look like this:

Here you will be able to manage all aspects of your registration including:

  • Viewing current and previous football registrations
  • Locating FFA numbers
  • Editing contact details
  • Update/uploading your photo
  • Paying outstanding invoices online (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Download new or old invoice'sĀ 
  • Monitoring the status of your registration (awaiting payment, Approval required, ITC status etc.)
  • Cancelling a registration request
  • Submitting a de-registration request
  • Acknowledging de-reg request
  • Tracking the status of an ITC request (if you have a pending ITC request)
  • Managing WWC (Working With Children) detailsĀ 

The Participant Portal has 3 main Menu options they are: My Details, Affiliations & Activity

Select the appropriate option to assist complete your personal task

When you are finished with your participant portal activity click on your name on the top right of the screen and click on Log out