2019 has seen the rollout of a new football registration platform (PlayFootball), you will have to create a new football account regardless of whether you previously had an account under MYFootballClub. 

Create your Football account https://account.footballnetwork.com.au/register

Please note: If you are creating a Football account using your social account you will need to continue signing in this way.

If you are using an email address, please try to use your old email addressed used in previous registrations. Only if you still have access to it of course.

  1.  Find a Club > Once you have found your club please select “Start my registration”.

  2. As soon as you have selected “Start my registration”, the page will be directed to Claim Profiles, if you’re the account holder tick the “Me” box and for your children or relatives have the ‘Link” box ticked next to each of their names, select continue.

  3. After selecting 'continue'  the page with refresh and a screen (as per screenshot below)will appear, you will now be able to register yourself and others using the original FFA number and history tied to it.

    If you have not been able to claim your profile, due to not being able to access your old email address. Please continue using your new email and new FFA number you have been created.