Have you received the following error on your participant portal?

Unable to access registrant portal - error "you need to be registered to have access to this feature"

If you are unable to access your registrant portal via https://user.playfootball.com.au/ 

as you get error "you need to be registered to have access to this feature" - please follow the below steps to resolve

Cause: This error generally occurs if during your registration process you did not select "me and/or link" on the "Claim profile screen"

Resolution: Commence a new registration, simply to complete the "me and/or link" step of the "Claim profile screen" (You will not submit a new registration)

1. Browse to the playfootball website =>  https://www.playfootball.com.au/register  and commence a registration via the "Where can i play link"

2. Select any club (can be the club you are already registered to) \ Click Start My Registrartion

3. Click Get Started and log in with the Football account that was used to perform your registration

4. Select Me and Link to any record that you historically owned from the old My Football Club System \ Click Continue

note: The (ID) is the FFA number that was associated to that historical record

5. After hitting Continue, you can close the Registration process screen.

6. Browse to https://user.playfootball.com.au/   (enter your username and password for your football account if prompted)

You should now be able to see all menu options of your registrant portal