ITCs Amateur Adults

An ITC will be required for a player aged 18 or over where that player’s immediately previous football registration was overseas

An ITC request is triggered during the PlayFootball self-registration process, which requires the player to respond truthfully to the following questions: 

(a) Was the player’s last registration to play football in another country? 

(b) In which country (other than AUSTRALIA) did the player last register? 

(c) With which Club did the player last register in [NAME OF COUNTRY IN (b)]? 

(d) In which year did the player last register in [NAME OF COUNTRY IN (b)]?

What happens if your last registration was overseas? 

If the player answers “yes” to question (a) their registration status switches to ‘Pending ITC”. It is then the responsibility of the Club Registrar to find that player in the  "Registration Management” tab of their PlayFootball administration portal, review the information entered on that player’s PlayFootball record.

Whats NEXT?
The players request is sent to FFA so that they may request an ITC.

FFA will update Playfootball with the date the ITC was requested from the player’s former national association. 

How long do i need to wait for the request?

FFA cannot register a player unless and until: (a) the ITC is received; or (b) no response has been received from the National Association within 30 days from the date FFA sends the ITC request. 


As a guiding principle, Clubs should allow 35 days from the date the ITC is requested by selecting “Request ITC” on PlayFootball. However, during peak periods this time frame may vary.