What is an International Transfer Certificate(ITC)?
An International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is a certificate provided from one national association to another to facilitate the transfer of a player between countries. 

Why do players need an ITC?

The FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (FIFA Regulations) require all players to obtain an ITC where the immediately preceding registration was with a national association other than the national association in which the player is registering.

Further, Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) National Registration Regulations (NRRs) prescribe various obligations in relation to the requirement for a player to have a valid ITC prior to registering and playing football in Australia. 

Do both adults and children require an ITC?


Is the process different for both adults and children?


To learn more about minor ITC CLICK HERE

To learn more about adult ITC CLICK HERE

Can i get support on this process?

Yes, Please email itc@ffa.com.au for all your ITC queries.

You can also contract your Member Federation directly.

What is a Member Federation?

Your Member Federation is the organisation that represents your State (generally).