There are a number of reports available in PlayFootball.

This glossary will cover at a high level what each report will give you and how it can be used. Downloading these reports provide much more comprehensive detail.

Organisation Reports

Login FailuresThis report displays users who have attempted to log into PlayFootball Admin unsuccessfully
Login Aging ReportThis report displays the time since a user has logged into PlayFootball Admin
Admin User ListThis report displays all of the users assigned to a particular entity with access to PlayFootball Admin
Registration Transaction ReportThis report displays key information on payments made against a particular entity. This includes the participant name, payment status, total, payment reference and FFA#
Registration Product ReportThis report displays key information on registrations to a particular product including the product name, participant name, price, payment date to name a few
All Details ReportThis report displays all information gathered from a registration form for a participant
Detailed Player ReportThis report details information about the participants (mainly contact details)
MSU formsThis report displays a view of registration forms that exist in PlayFootball against an entity. It will display the status, number of registrations and if the payment gateway is active

Registration Reports

Registration AccountsThe registration accounts report is a top level summary for the entity.
Payment Gateway ReportThe payment gateway report will show you all transactions between a date period. This also provides all payments that have gone into IPSI. This is a IPSI detailed report.

There is a ‘Download Report’ option at the bottom of the page that exports the data to an Excel spreadsheet.  Additional information within this report includes: transaction id, payment gateway details and processing fees.
Registration Detail ReportThe registration detail report shows all of the details for a registrant.
Transaction ReportThe transaction report shows payments processed through the system. This includes both IPSI and offline payments.
Daily Transaction ReportThe Daily transaction report provides a summary view of the total takings per day from the selected form within the selected date range 
Registration Product Report
This reports breaks down the transaction information further providing details of each product purchased via the selected form within the specified date range