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  • we are actively working towards a fix to correct the behaviour
  • the issue has been reported by a significant number of users/support cases

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IssuePerson ImpactedTo Mitigate/
Status*UpdateSupport TicketPhoto (Click to enlarge)Detailed 
Registration records not appearing in the administration portal (registration management, Product management or person details)
However, Online payment is recorded on IPSI.
Administration and ParticipantParticipant can place a second registration, admins should enable offline payments for edge cases and Manually mark payments as paid. ONLY mark as paid if IPSI payment has been locatedUnder Investigation

Registrations duplicating after the participant has ONLY placed one registration.

The Administration portal has Multiple records being recorded.

Participants are being charged multiple times

Administrator and ParticipantAdmin: Decline registrations that are not required and perform a manual refund. Check IPSI reports to confirm your club has received all payments reflecting the registration records

Participants: Follow up with clubs for a refund if an online payment has been made
Under Investigation23/1102479
Reports from clubs that participants are appearing multiple times in registration management, along with the multiple records are multiple charges being incurred by the participants.

When selecting product > reviewing price breakdown > select 'Continue' = Results Vault 
RegistrantReport this issue to FFA Support on 02 8880 7983

FFA support will be able to assist with placing a registration
Next Release

During the registration process for a participant some may experience a ResultsVault error after clicking "Select" on the price breakdown page or in some cases in other sections of the registration process. There is no set way on how to avoid this, it appears to occur randomly for some participants. 

Working With Children - Participant portal tab is resulting in a 'No Access Code 1 - Error'
Club Administrator can edit/review participant WWC details
Under Investigation

If participants are trying to review/update their Working with Children (WWC) accreditation's on their participant portal, an error message will appear and not allow the participant to review the WWC section.

Admin users cannot access their Admin account if they have been set as a NEW PRINCIPAL USER- Play Football ADMIN
Administrator (all levels)Create a new admin user account from scratch- DO NOT ASSIGN principal user, access will be deletedNext Release

If a club/association attempts to set a member of the User List as a Principal User this will cause the user to be wiped off the user list, not allow them access to the admin portal and not be able to use the same email address to create a new user. It will not affect any users who were originally set as a Principal User. 

Club administrators who edit the max number purchases box within editing a product cannot revert back to it being blank AdministratorAdmin can set the max number of purchases box to a number they are certain that particular product will not surpass. Under Investigation

101692If a club administrator is reviewing a product within product management and they decide to edit the max number purchases box i.e. enter in a certain number  instead of it being blank. The system will not allow club admins who wish to change it back to blank as when you remove the number within the max number purchases box and click save it will automatically change back to the number it was set to before. There is no way to avoid this if you have already edited it and it appears to affect all club admins.
Parent's name is showing against a child's registration 
It is recommended that registrations are not cancelled when payment has been processed with an Active Kids Voucher. The voucher cannot be re-used and financial arrangement is required with your club. FFA will work to correct your registration
In Development

During the completion of the registration, the parent's name inserts itself where the child's name should be on the registration as well as on the invoice generated. When placed on the participant details page, please be conscious of the browsers pre populated auto-fill and double check participants name before submitting registration.  

*Meaning of status levels:

Next Release = Fix is scheduled in the next release, this is expected to be within 7 days and is subject to change

In Development = The fix is being actively worked on and pending testing may make the next or subsequent release

Under Investigation = The bug is being investigated or is pending prioritisation into the development phase


Fix DateSupport Ticket
Sales column within the product management screen is displaying INCORRECT figures or NO FIGURES
corrected by IAS23/1/20102583
Course Registrations/Event Registrations failing to accept FFA number and Email combination
Temporarily unable to register
Fixed 13/1/20- Registrations can now be placed for courses 
Creation of the Football Account via Social (Facebook, Google) are receiving a Results Vault error in Registration
User should not receive this error
Result Vault Error- Error may be received at two points
1. Selecting 'Get Started' = Results Vault
2. Selecting product > reviewing price breakdown = Results Vault (returned-notes above)
User should not receive this error
14/01/2020 - issue edited 15/1/20

2019 Social/Summer Registration Type unable to be inherited by Clubs
2019 Registration period ADDED to clubs- Registration productFixed 15/1/20
Sales column listed within the Product Management screen is displaying 2019 figures
A Bug has wiped ALL sales figures, please read the known issues above23/1/20**
Estimated fix scheduled for 05/02
At the photo upload screen, the registrant is prevented from selecting Continue and using their existing photo
The registrant is able to proceed through the profile photo screen with the existing photo

Registration records are being passed to SportsTG competition management system without a valid registration for Season20
Erroneous registrants were removed on bulk
Football account 'Manage My Registration' has been disabled. You will receive an error message 'Page not Found'
Release rolled back11/2/20106099
Registration Extract report does not export dataRegistration Extract report now runs correctly18/02/2020103564
Club Administrators who are reviewing the teams they have organised and have made a team official will NOT be able to edit the team
Teams set as official in team management can now be amended by Admins at al18/02/2020
The participant has exceeded the maximum number of total registrations for this period. The system is picking up a cross periodCorrection to the application of the concurrency rule18/02/2020101766
Photo Upload - Participant Portal 'Edit your public' resulting in a 'No Access Code 1-Error'Registrants can now upload a photo to their participant portal18/02/2020101442