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IssuePerson ImpactedTo Mitigate/
Status*UpdateSupport TicketPhoto (Click to enlarge)Detailed 
Registration records not appearing in the administration portal (registration management, Product management or person details)
However, Online payment is recorded on IPSI.

Admin - Player will be listed in PF 'Gateway report' and within IP Payment Gateway report'
Administrator + ParticipantParticipant can place a second registration, admins should enable offline payments for edge cases and Manually mark payments as paid. ONLY mark as paid if IPSI payment has been locatedUnder Investigation31/1101799
Registrations duplicating after the participant has ONLY placed one registration.

The Administration portal has Multiple records being recorded.

Participants are being charged multiple times

Administrator + ParticipantAdmin: Decline registrations that are not required and perform a manual refund. Check IPSI reports to confirm your club has received all payments reflecting the registration records

Participants: Follow up with clubs for a refund if an online payment has been made
Under Investigation23/1102479
Reports from clubs that participants are appearing multiple times in registration management, along with the multiple records are multiple charges being incurred by the participants.

When selecting product > reviewing price breakdown > select 'Continue' = Results Vault 
ParticipantReport this issue to FFA Support on 02 8880 7983

FFA support will be able to assist with placing a registration

During the registration process for a participant some may experience a ResultsVault error after clicking "Select" on the price breakdown page or in some cases in other sections of the registration process. There is no set way on how to avoid this, it appears to occur randomly for some participants. 

All Details Report and Financial Report - generating report is taking a longer time than expectedAdministratorNo workaround at this point. Try narrowing the dates.Under Investigation02/03

Admin system is taking an unusual amount of time to generate All Details Report at all organisation levels.
International Transfer Clearance (ITC) - Participant Portal tab is resulting in a 'No Access Code 1 - Error'ParticipantClub administrators can provide an update on ITC statusNext Release
02/03107714If participants are wishing to view their status of their ITC request within the Participant Portal will receive an error and not be able to review the status, this appears to be system wide.
Sibling Discount - registrants receiving discount that is not applicable to themAdministrator + ParticipantClub administrators can deactivate sibling discount and create a coupon system for sibling registrations Under Investigation02/03108552
Participants that are having their registrations declined/cancelled due to incorrect product selection or not putting in the AKV code during MSU process, then re-registering at the same club are having a sibling discount incorrectly applied to their invoice thinking the exact same participant is actually another sibling of the same family.
Incorrect Roles in ID Cards - ID cards generated are giving incorrect roles for non-playersAdministratorNo workaround at this pointNext Release
Club admins that generate ID cards for a particular team are reporting that coaches/volunteers are being represented as a player even though their role is set as volunteer/coach. 
Active Registrants & Wait-List - active club registrants are able to register at another club if particular product is full with wait-list enabled Administrator + Participant Participant will have to de-register from Club A or Club B will have to decline their registration as you can only have one active registrationUnder Investigation02/03107401
Participants that have been made active at a club already are able to register at another club if the club's product they are registering to is full and has the wait-list function enabled. The club with the wait-list then changes the participant's status to 'Awaiting Payment' but will not be able to make them active due to the concurrency rule.
Registration Process goes back to Address/School Invalid - participants are prompted to re-enter their address/schoolParticipantParticipants have to manually enter in their address/school without pre-fillIn Development16/03107997During the registration process for a participant, after entering all details in the Participant Details stage then progressing past the Photo Upload stage participants are prompted to re-enter their address and school even though they are already entered in.

Teams Squad Maintenance incorrect participant status - decline registrations are overriding active registrations in situations where the participant has a duplicate registration and decline was the last action taken on the registration, despite the participant carrying an active registration

AdministratorNo workaround. However in extreme desperate circumstances de-register the participant and re-register on the SAME FFA number.

*For duplicate registrations that come through, decline the first registration and approve the second registration (the last action taken on the registration is the status that is carried into teams)
In Development16/03105543When a club admin is allocating a participant to one of their teams within team management/squad maintenance, participants that have duplicate registrations and the first registration is made active and the second registration is declined, the participant saves however appears in red - blocking the team from being made official. Note the participant still as should on the team ID cards and in reporting.

Teams Squad Maintenance unable to allocate participant as both player and non player in a team - participants player allocations are being eliminated when saved/allocated as a non-player, visa versa.

No workaround. It's recommended that the club admin priotises saving the participant as a player over non-player, in the situation the participant has a dual role in the same team.In Development

111543When a club admin is allocating a participant into a team as a non-player that is already allocated as a player. It's removing the participants allocation as a player. Visa Versa for both ways - in summary meaning a participant can only be allocated as one role whether that be as a player OR a non-player

Teams Squad Maintenance
page selection not functioning
- the page number filter for the available players isn't functioning

AdministratorAdmins are to narrow searches using the filter options at the top page and then select the 'Disable paging and show results in single view. This will'. After the filter adjustments are in place, this will display up to 300 results which you navigate using the scroll button the right hand sideIn Development


Teams reporting incorrect status

In Development16/03

Teams latency

Next Release on 17/0316/03

*Meaning of status levels:

Next Release = Fix is scheduled in the next release, this is expected to be within 7 days and is subject to change

In Development = The fix is being actively worked on and pending testing may make the next or subsequent release

Under Investigation = The bug is being investigated or is pending prioritisation into the development phase


IssueFixFix DateSupport Ticket
Sales column within the product management screen is displaying INCORRECT figures or NO FIGUREScorrected by IAS23/01102583
Course Registrations/Event Registrations failing to accept FFA number and Email combinationTemporarily unable to registerFixed 13/01- Registrations can now be placed for courses 
Creation of the Football Account via Social (Facebook, Google) are receiving a Results Vault error in RegistrationUser should not receive this error14/01
Result Vault Error- Error may be received at two points
1. Selecting 'Get Started' = Results Vault
2. Selecting product > reviewing price breakdown = Results Vault (returned-notes above)
User should not receive this error14/01 - issue edited 15/01
2019 Social/Summer Registration Type unable to be inherited by Clubs2019 Registration period ADDED to clubs- Registration productFixed 15/01
Sales column listed within the Product Management screen is displaying 2019 figuresA Bug has wiped ALL sales figures, please read the known issues above23/1/20**
Estimated fix scheduled for 05/02
At the photo upload screen, the registrant is prevented from selecting Continue and using their existing photoThe registrant is able to proceed through the profile photo screen with the existing photo

Registration records are being passed to SportsTG competition management system without a valid registration for Season20Erroneous registrants were removed on bulk29/01N/A
Football account 'Manage My Registration' has been disabled. You will receive an error message 'Page not Found'Release rolled back11/02106099
Registration Extract report does not export dataRegistration Extract report now runs correctly18/02103564
Club Administrators who are reviewing the teams they have organised and have made a team official will NOT be able to edit the teamTeams set as official in team management can now be amended by Admins18/02
The participant has exceeded the maximum number of total registrations for this period. The system is picking up a cross periodCorrection to the application of the concurrency rule18/02101766
Photo Upload - Participant Portal 'Edit your public' resulting in a 'No Access Code 1-Error'Registrants can now upload a photo to their participant portal18/02101442
Admin users cannot access their Admin account if they have been set as a NEW PRINCIPAL USER - PlayFootball AdminAdmins can now be assigned/relocated to being principal user without being deleted27/02101783
Club Administrators who edit the max number purchases box within editing a product cannot revert back to it being blankClub Admins can now save product max number of purchases to blank (meaning open to unlimited purchases)27/02101692
Parent's name is showing against a child's registration

Auto-Fill occurring has been blocked

Working With Children - Participant Portal tab is resulting in a 'No Access Code 1 - Error'

Welcome and Confirmation Messages - in Sign Up Form not displaying during the self registration process

De-Reg players and ID Cards - ID cards generated still have de-registered players appearing when they have been subsequently removed off team list

Incorrect Age in ID Cards - ID cards generated are showing incorrect age in age bracket

17/02105295 + 105279
Teams Squad Maintenance Code:0 - received by administrators when saving participants allocation into a team with a prior de-registration in the 2020 season to the same team they were de-registered from.

17/02104833 + 105572
Teams latency