High level issues are listed below. 

If you have an issue not presented on the Outstanding list, it's possible this has already been identified by our Support team and being worked on.

Please lodge any issues with our Support team at playfootball.support@ffa.com.au or on 02 8880 7983


IssuePersons impactedTo mitigate/workaround
Resolution estimate/ActionUpdateSupport Ticket
The participant has exceeded the maximum number of total registrations for this period.

System is picking up a cross period
AdministratorNo work around.Estimated resolution 29/116/01/20

Parent's name is showing against a child's registration
Report this issue to FFA Support on 02 8880 7983

It is recommended that registrations are not cancelled when payment has been processed with an Active Kids Voucher. The voucher cannot be re-used and financial arrangement is required with your club. FFA will work to correct your registration 
Estimated resolution 20/01

When selecting product > reviewing price breakdown > select 'Continue' = Results Vault 
RegistrantReport this issue to FFA Support on 02 8880 7983

FFA support will be able to assist with placing a registration
Estimated resolution 20/01
At the photo upload screen, the registrant is prevented from selecting Continue and using their existing photo
RegistrantThe registrant needs to upload another photo to continue.

This can be either a new photo altogether or by saving the existing photo and re-uploading it
Estimated fix scheduled for 20/01 pm
Working With Children - Participant portal tab is resulting in a 'No Access Code 1 - Error'
Club Administrator can edit/review participant WWC details
This issue is currently being worked on
Photo Upload - Participant Portal 'Edit your public' resulting in a 'No Access Code 1- Error'
Participant to provide the following to Play Football support team:


Provide participant to provide their photo to their club to be uploaded through the Admin Porta

Estimated fix scheduled for 05/02
Admin users cannot access their Admin account if they have been set as a NEW PRINCIPAL USER- Play Football ADMIN
Administrator (all levels)Create a new admin user account from scratch- DO NOT ASSIGN principal user, access will be deletedEstimated fix scheduled for 05/02
Sales column listed within the Product Management screen is displaying 2019 figures
Administrator (Club)DO NOT uses this data to assist in managing the club’s registration, refer to the reporting available in ‘Enterprise Reports’
Estimated fix scheduled for 05/02
Registration records are being passed to SportsTG competition management system without a valid registration for Season20
SportsTG users (Club)These records will be removed from SportsTG automatically by FFA, Admins are not required to manually remove registrants.Resolution underway - date tbc
Non 2020 profiles have been identified and working with SportsTG to bulk remove


Fix Date
Course Registrations/Event Registrations failing to accept FFA number and Email combination
Temporarily unable to register
Fixed 13/1/20- Registrations can now be placed for courses 
Creation of the Football Account via Social (Facebook, Google) are receiving a Results Vault error in Registration
User should not receive this error
Result Vault Error- Error may be received at two points
1. Selecting 'Get Started' = Results Vault
2. Selecting product > reviewing price breakdown = Results Vault (returned-notes above)
User should not receive this error
14/01/2020 - issue edited 15/1/20
2019 Social/Summer Registration Type unable to be inherited by Clubs
2019 Registration period ADDED to clubs- Registration productFixed 15/1/20