1.Why can i see my child's Netball profile?

The Play Football registration process runs on the Interact Sport platform which also provides registration services for Netball. You were taken through the process of establishing an account based on your email address – during which the email was firstly send-validated, and then matched to existing participant profiles on the platform.


At this point, the match brought back a matching profile from your child’s Netball profile.


It’s important to clarify, that at this stage, the details shown were visible only to you by virtue of having validated your email address. Only upon you claiming this profile will the information be utilised by the FFA and the relevant affiliated organisations.


2.Will  this affect our football registrations?

A netball account being displayed will not affect your football registration, please place your registration as per usual.

3.Where might Netball profiles appear?

Netball profiles may appear during the self-registration process,this may be displayed once you have signed into your football account and are looking to select the participant you wish to register.

Netball profiles may also appear within your participant portal, once you have logged into your football account and have selected 'Manage my registration'. This profile might appear in the list of participants linked to the football account.

4. Can the Football club see a Netball profile?
Netball profiles will only appear with the participants Football account, Football club administrators cannot see these profiles

If you have any further questions regarding this article please contact Play Football support