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What’s different this year to register for 2021?

The registration process is largely the same as with 2020, however, participants will now be required to pay at least an initial installment when completing their registration. This means, everyone needs to pay a minimum fee via a Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card.

Participants have the option to pay the Minimum Fee, or if your club accepts online payments, the entire fee online. If you proceed with just the minimum fee, then the remaining fee will be collected by your clubs preferred payment methods.

Note, in some cases, clubs may require full payment to be made online.

What is the minimum fee and why am I paying a minimum fee this year?

Your registration fee comprises of costs that supports all levels of the game, allowing each organisation to sustainably run football in Australia.

The Minimum Fee covers the FFA’s National Registration Fee and Member Federation’s administration fee only.

The Minimum Fee allows funds to be immediately disbursed to the right organisations, with clubs optionally taking their portion. Traditionally, this process was manually invoiced to each level of the game.  All levels of the game are working together to make this process more efficient and reduce the running costs of football.  

What is the national registration fee (NRF)?

The NRF is important for the sustainment of football in Australia and this is for the benefit of the whole football community. The contribution that participants pay towards the NRF helps support the nine national teams, including the Socceroos, Westfield Matildas and junior national teams

What do I do if I don’t have a debit/credit card?

If you do not have access to a Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card, then alternative payment solutions are available such as prepaid gift cards (which can be used online) available at most supermarkets.

Can I still pay with other methods or do I need to pay my entire registration online?

If you have only paid the Minimum Fee, then participants will need to follow up with their club to pay the remaining fee outlined in your [receipt / invoice].  

The remaining fee can be paid by any of the preferred payment options your club provides which may include bank EFT, cash or other credit solutions.

Can I pay my remaining fee online?

If only paid the Minimum Fee at the time of registration, and your club offers online payments, then you can return to your player portal and proceed to pay the remaining fee online.

More information on paying your invoices online is available here.

Can I still get a refund?


Yes, if you’re eligible for a refund, then you will need to begin the de-registration process (instructions are available here). Your club will continue to determine your eligibility for a refund for its portion of your registration fees.  Your eligibility for a refund of the Governing Body fees will be determined by the relevant body (your State/Territory Member Federation may be responsible for determining the NRF on behalf of FFA).

Can I still use an active kids voucher (NSW)?

Yes, you can still use your Active Kids Voucher to pay a portion of your registration. The voucher should be processed on checkout by using the voucher function.

How do I use government vouchers (all states not including NSW)?

Government vouchers are managed in differently depending on your state. It is recommended you speak to your club if you are eligible for a government voucher and wish to use it on your registration.

Can my active kids voucher (NSW) be transferred to my new club?


The transfer of funds from club to another club is the decision of the first club to see if the participants registration is compliant with the club’s refund policy.   The voucher should not be returned to the participant in cash, but transfer to the new club.  

Who do I speak to about fees I’ve paid on my registration?


Your club registrar is still the right person to talk about your registration. 

You can also manage your registration via the player portal, this includes completing payments, downloading invoices or de-registering from your club.