How to pay an outstanding invoice- football Account 

You will need: Football Account login details & Debit/Credit Card

Participants can pay their outstanding invoices through their Football Account, Click Here to sign in.

  1. Sign in - if you have forgotten your password please click “Forgot Password”  
  2. Click ‘Manage my registration’
  3. Select the participant you are looking to manage;
    Changing between accounts
    • To change between participants, select the name in the top-right hand corner
    • Click on the smaller drop down menu under ‘Linked Records’
    • Select the participants record you need to manage
  4. Once you have selected the participant, click on ‘Activity’
  5. Click on ‘Activity’ 
  6. Select ‘Purchases’
  7. Select ‘Outstanding purchases’
  8. Select ‘Pay Now’
  9. Enter debit card/credit card details to finalise payment

[!] If you DO NOT see a ‘Pay Now’ option under outstanding payments your club is not registered to accept ONLINE payments (debit/credit card). Please pay the outstanding amount to your club directly