Quick Summary

If your soccer registration has not been made active then you will be able to simply cancel your registration instead of performing the de-registration process, if this is the case then please follow these steps.

Key Notes

If your registration has already been approved by the club you will need to perform a de-registration

Steps to Completion

Log into your Play Football account using the link below. Make sure that you log into your Play Football account using the original method that you created your account with using either your email address & password or using your social login. 

Play Football Sign in

Once logging into Play Football account, click on "MANAGE MY REGISTRATION". 

This will direct you to the 'Participant Portal'. Click on "Registration" and then "Reg/DeReg". 

If it's a linked person's registration you wish to cancel, then click on the name in the top right-hand corner and select the person you wish to cancel the registration for in the drop-down menu. 

Under 'Pending/ITC Registrations' you can click "Cancel". 

Once clicking "Cancel", you will be prompted with the reasons as to why you're cancelling the registrations. Fill in the details and click "Submit". 

Your registration is now cancelled, if you have already paid the registration fees, then you will need to contact the club directly as all registration monies paid online are transferred to the club's nominated bank account within 24 hours. 

If you have issues, you can either either submit a support ticket by clicking here or using our contact details below.

  • Email: support@playfootball.com.au
  • Telephone: 02 8880 7983
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 5:30pm