Quick Summary

This support article will outline the refund process workflow for participants in NSW. NSW participants are made up of two member federations, Football NSW and Northern NSW.

These two Member Federations allow their clubs to accept online and offline payments with all registrations.

All online payments incur a 1.1% transaction fee, this fee is non-refundable as it's absorbed at the point of payment.

All offline payments are made directly to the club, and offline payment methods made to the club are at the club's discretion. These examples may include but are not limited to cash, direct deposit or cheque.

All online payments are made via PlayFootball where all transactions that pass through this gateway will incur a 1.1% transaction fee. All funds are sent to each club's bank account (details provided on PlayFootball) and settled in the club's bank account the following business day. 

Participants seeking a refund will need to send their request to the club directly. Refund eligibility will be at the club's discretion based on refund policies that may be in place. Any refunds if approved will need to be distributed by the club as FA does not hold any of these funds.

Important Information

  • Clubs receive all cash payments
  • Clubs receive all online payments the following business day
  • Refunds are returned by the club (if the participant is eligible)
  • Transaction fees should not be returned
  • Football Australia cannot provide refunds as all funds are sitting with the clubs 

Club Admins

  • Refunds are NOT automatic if the admin or Participant " cancels" the registration
  • Refunds are to be conducted offline between the club and the participant
  • Refunds can be provided as full amounts or portions


  • Registrations that are "Cancelled" from the participant portal are NOT automatically refunded
  • All refund requests need to be sent to the participants club directly
  • Clubs may have a refund policy in place
  • Football Australia cannot provide refunds as all funds are sitting with the clubs