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What is a registration product ?

A Registration Product is a mean of categorising registrations into a specific  group and defining the fee that must be paid when a player/Participant of that age range looking to register.

How does my club add the Association/ State/FFA fee portion (if applicable)?
When a club registrar creates a derived Registration Product they must select the Parent Registration Type from which the new Product will inherit the pre-existing fees. The Parent Type will determine the broadest possible age restrictions for the new product  and all the fees your parent associations must pay to the National Governing  Body for each player registered. 

What are the types of registration product categories?

 Products  represent the items that participants will be able to purchase through the National Online Registration System

 There  are 2 types of product available: 

  • Registration Product - Designed for taking online registrations for players, coaches, referees & volunteers. To Learn More CLICK HERE

  • Other  Product - Useful for listing optional extras and physical items ( Shorts, Socks etc.)This product must be linked to the relevant signup form. To learn more CLICK HERE


NOTE:  Select the Parent Type Relevant to the Registration Type you are creating. i.e.  Age group. The Registration Type you are inheriting is a Master Type, some  fields are not editable.