Quick Summary

The Organisation Edit screen allows you to change information about  your Club/Association/Member Federation, including contact information. This  information is displayed in the Club Finder tool on the Play Football Portal (https://www.playfootball.com.au/)

Steps to Completion



Organisation Type 

Organisation    type must be selected from the dropdown list 

Organisation Name 

Full    name – Member Federation/Association/Club- e.g. Sydney University soccer 


Organisation Short 


An    abbreviated name- e.g. Sydney    Uni

Website URL 

Organisations    website URL 


Description    of Member Federation/Association/Club 


In    the case of a club, this will usually be the address of the main ground/club    house. Associations/Member federations it may be the head office address or    not applicable. 


City/Town/suburb    of the address entered above. This information may be used to geographically    locate Club/Association/Member Federation. 


This    information is populated based on your Club/Association/Member 

Federation,    the location cannot be changed 

Map Reference 

Map    Reference for the address entered above 

Contact Name 

Name    of the main contact Club/Association/MF 

Contact Email 

Contact    email address. This address is ‘munged’ on the public site to protect against    spammers being able to easily obtain the address 

Contact Phone 

Contact    phone number 

Contact Fax 

Contact    fax number 

Contact Address 

Address    of the main contact (e.g. postal address) 

Contact Suburb 

Suburb    of the main contact 

Contact Postcode 

Postcode    of the main contact 

Organisation is 


Check    this to hide an Organisation from the public website. A hidden 

Organisation    will still appear in the admin searches 

Organisation is 


Check    this to allow the Organisation to be discovered through admin pages or public    sites.