Quick summary

If you are looking to register for the upcoming season, please use the following steps to guide you on how you can successfully perform a registration.

Key Notes

  • All registrations are approved by each individual club.
  • All online payments are sent directly to clubs excluding Football Queensland, Football Victoria and Capital Football Clubs, these funds are split to clubs and Member Federations. 
  • Offline payment options are dependent on your club.

Steps to Completion

To start a registration you will need to have your Football Account details ready

Step 1: Sign in to your Football Account

Step 2: Select 'Start registration'

Step 3: Find a club

Step 4: Follow the prompts to place your registration

Step 5: NSW Active Kids vouchers are to be added to the payment screen

FFA numbers are listed at the top of each invoice 


First, log into your Football account using the link below. Make sure that you log into your Football account using the original method that you created your account with, using either your email address & password or using your social account login details.

Football Account login page

Once logged in, click "Start A Registration".

This will redirect you to the 'Club Finder'. Search for a club and click on "Get Started"

Select the participant you are registering,' I am registering myself' or 'i am registering a linked person' 

If it's a new participant please select 'i am registering a new linked person'. Follow the prompts to claim the new participants account if they have registered for Football within the last 5 years. If you are having issues claiming the account please contact the PlayFootball support team here

Select your product. Products are displayed based on the participant's age and gender requirements that are set by the club. If your product is not displaying please contact your club directly as you may not meet the requirements.

Follow the prompts, be sure to complete all mandatory fields marked with an asterisks symbol (*). Profile photos may be mandatory depending on your association. once you have reviewed your order and acknowledge the terms and conditions you will be sent to the payment screen. NSW Active Kids Vouchers need to be applied in the voucher code area.

Payment options are set by each club if you are looking for alternative payment options please contact your club directly. Select 'Pay Now' or 'Submit & Pay Later' to finalise your registration.

FFA numbers are available at the top of each invoice.

Your registration will be sent to your club for approval.