Please follow the below steps to perform a registration on behalf of a family member (ie a parent registering their child) 

1. Go to - Find the club you want to register the participant to

2. When prompted Login to the football account as yourself

3. On the "Select the person you are registering for" screen - you can select:

a) I am registering a linked person (Use this option to register a person that you have already linked to your account) OR

b) Register my \ applicable relationship option (Use this option to register a person that you NOT already linked to your account)

 You also have the option to tick if you want to "Link this participant to my account" 

4. On the Basic Participant Details search screen - enter in the details of the participant you want to register (ie your child)

** IMPORTANT - in order to find if the registrant has an existing FFA registration record - Enter in the email address used for their last MFC (My Football Club) registration (if known) and click Search

5. If the registration system finds any existing registration records that were registered using the email address you entered in the last screen it will return them here

Ticking any boxes that relate to any historical matches will assist administrators in merging records with this new registration - click Continue

6. Continue the rest of the registration process the exact same way as if you were registering yourself.