The De-registration process allows participants to send a  De-Registration request from their selected club through the Football Account.
 *screenshot is from within a participant portal

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How a player can de-register in 3-steps.

1. Players 
a. Sign into your Football Account

b. Select 'Manage my Registration'

c. Select the players profile 

To changed between linked accounts, select the name in the top right than select the name in the 'Linked Records' drop down list

d. Select 'Activity' > 'Registration' > 'De-reg'

2. The Club has 7-days to acknowledge the request, if after 7-days the club has NOT acknowledged the players request it is AUTOMATICALLY passed onto the association

3. The Association will need to approve* the request after the first two steps are completed.

[!] If a club fails to acknowledge a player initiated request AFTER 7 days the request is sent to Association/Member Federation automatically

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*screenshot is from within a participant portal