If you wish to de-register from the club you are currently at to another club or simply due to you not wishing to play anymore, then please follow these steps.

Please note: the de-registration process can take up to a week to finalise.

**Important: if you have an active registration, then you will need to perform a de-registration. If you are transferring to another club, you must wait for the de-registration to be finalised. The system will not allow you to re-register until this occurs. You will know that it has been finalised as an email will be sent confirming the completion of the de-registration.

A de-registration is a three-step process.

Step 1: Initiate de-registration request.

Step 2: Club/player accepts request (dependent on who initiates it).

Step 3: The association the club is a part of approves the request.  

First, log into your Play Football account using the link below. Make sure that you log into your Play Football account using the original method that you created your account with using either your email address & password or using your social login. 


Once logging in, click on "MANAGE MY REGISTRATION". If you do not have this option, click on the link below. 


This will direct you to your 'Participant Portal'. Click on "Registration" and then "Reg/DeReg" or click "Go" next to 'De-Register.

If it's a linked person's registration you wish to de-register for, then click on the name in the top right-hand corner and select the person you wish to de-register for in the drop-down menu.  

If the person you wish to de-register is not listed under 'Linked Records' then refer to the link below.


Under 'Current Registration(s)' you can click "De-Reg" for the registration you wish to de-register from. 

Once clicking "De-Reg", you will be prompted with the reasons as to why you are de-registering. Fill in the details and click "Submit".


A de-registration has now been requested and will appear under 'Registration Requests'. Once you have been de-registered, you can then re-register at your new club.

After the association approves the de-registration, an email will be sent to confirm that your de-registration has been finalised.

The Club has 7-days to acknowledge the request, if after 7 days the club has NOT acknowledged the players request it is AUTOMATICALLY passed onto the association. The Association will need to approve the request after the first two steps are completed.

**Important: once you have received email confirmation that the de-registration has been finalised, please contact your club to receive a refund. 

If you have issues de-registering, you can either either submit a support ticket using the following link https://support.playfootball.com.au/support/tickets/new or using our contact details below.

You will need to provide the participant's full name, DOB and the club they are de-registering from in order for us to assist.