Quick Summary

IP Payments is the online payment system that Football Australia provides to clubs, clubs can use this system also to reconcile online payments received but must request access to do so. 

This guide is for clubs that already have an IP Payment account (payment gateway) but you are a NEW administrator or you are an existing user and cannot login. Click Here if your club hasn't been setup for online payments yet. 

Steps to Completion

1.  Please complete the Online request Form Here.

2. Once your form has been received by a PlayFootball Support officer, you will receive a confirmation email with your new login details. If this FORM is not received you will not be granted access. 

3. This form can also be accessed via the PlayFootball Admin portal. Log into your club's Play Football Admin account using the link below. 


4. Click on "REGISTRATION" then "Bank Account Details". Review your club's bank account details ensuring they're correct, then click "Request Update" to be diverted to the form.


If you have issues finding the stage of which your de-registration is at, you can either either submit a support ticket by clicking here or using our contact details below.

  • Email: support@playfootball.com.au
  • Telephone: 02 8880 7983
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 5:30pm