How to get access to the payment gateway portal (IPSI)

IP Payment (IPSI) access online request forms can be completed and submitted by club administrators that have access to the play football admin portal.

If you DO NOT have this access to the Play Football Administration portal please speak with your association to have access granted (parent association).

If you have access already, and would like access to your clubs IPSI account to help reconcile your clubs finances for the current season, please COMPLETE and SUBMIT an online request form.

This form is also located at the bottom of the Bank Account details page through the Play Football admin portal.

CLICK HERE to complete online request form

Next Steps:

Once the PlayFootball Support team have received your completed, they will process your request and send a confirmation email 

What is included in the confirmation email;

- Login details

- IPSI information regarding the platform

- Instructions on how to download reports

[!] Details listed on the Bank Account Details area on PlayFootball are used for VERIFICTION purposes only