Looking to register to a coach or referee course?
To register to a course you will need to have an FFA number, an FFA number is generated when a registration has been placed through the Play Football registration.

If you would like to register to course but DO NOT have a club or association to register to please CLICK HERE. FFA Education - QMS is a free club that has been set up to allow people to register to have an FFA number generated.

An FFA number and an email are required to register to our courses, please use follow the steps below to assist;

Create a Football Account

  1. If you have already created a football account, click on “Already have an account” and enter in the email and password you used to create the football account to login
    [!]if you have forgotten your password, select 'Forgot Password'

  2. If you DO NOT have a Football Account, you will need to create one

Register to FFA Education - QMS  

Your registration needs to be approved by the FFA PlayFootball Support team before your can register to your course, all registrations are approved within a 24 hour window*

*delays will occur to registrations placed over the weekend

Retrieve your FFA number
Your NEW FFA number is located on your invoice.

Register to your course
CLICK HERE for referee courses

CLICK HERE for coaching courses

Event registration options explained: