PlayFootball previously known as MyFootballclub is your new registration platform

Participants (players,coaches,volunteer, managers &referees) will need to place their registrations on the Play football platform.

The new look platform looks like this:
If you have not placed a 2019 registration or on wards you will be required to register to the new platform.A registration is required as this data will be pushed through to Sports TG.
To learn more about Sports TG and why this platform is important CLICK HERE

New participants will need to register to FFA- QMS education


1) To be be directed  to FFA - QMS directly please use the following link >>> Play Football registration link
Your page should look like this:

  1. If you have already created a football account, click on “Already have an account” and enter in the email and password you used to create the football account to login
    [!]if you have forgotten your password, select 'Reset Password'

  2. If you have NOT already created a football account, please create one now using the same email address that you used to register in the old My Football Club system (if possible)

2) Within 24 hours your registration request to “FFA - QMS education” should be approved.
Your registration needs to be approved before your can register to your course, Once your record has been approved your details will pass through to Sports TG.

The Sports TG platform houses all course registrations, if your details (FFA number and email) have not passed through, you CAN NOT register to your course

3) Once you receive email confirmation that your registration request to “FFA - QMS education” has been approved, please allow 24 hours for this to be passed to Sports TG.

4) After the 24 hr window has passed please register to your course>>>>>

The FFA Courses website will look like this:

You will then be presented with 3 options:

Event registration options explained:

Login to the FFA Courses website using your FFA number and email address that you used for your football account

(You can find your FFA number on the PDF receipt attached to the “Your registration to Football - Pending Approval” email you would of received from FFA Education)