Quick Summary

The Play Football registration system accepts valid active kids voucher codes during the registration sign up process, only ONE voucher can be used per registration. Please use the following steps to apply for your active kids voucher.

Key Notes

  • Active kids vouchers (AKV) program is only available for New South Wales-based participants
  • Vouchers can be redeemed directly on the play football system
  • Apply for your AKV before starting your registration
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed once, if you have made an error and registered to the wrong club or product, please contact your club/and or Football NSW directly to rectify this

Steps to Completion

Step 1: Apply for an active kids voucher HERE

Step 2: Start your registration here, search for your club

Step 3: Complete the registration process

Step 4: ENTER your voucher code, this option will be displayed on the 'Payment' section of the registration process

  • In the Vouchers / Coupons section - select "Active Kids NSW" from the drop-down of available Vouchers / Coupons
  • In the Voucher Code box - type in the voucher code number that was provided to you by Service NSW (can be found in your email confirmation) - Click Apply
    Please remove any spaces
  • Your registration fee should instantly be reduced by $100


Apply for an active kids voucher HERE

You should receive the below email from Service NSW, this email is important as it contains the 16 digit voucher number that is required prior to submitting your football registration.

Start your registration by signing into your Football Account here, find your club and click 'get started'.

Follow the registration process, AKV vouchers will need to be added to the vouchers/coupons area. The 16 digit code should be added with NO spaces. The coupon/voucher value should automatically be removed from the final total price of the registration fee.


Note: These processes are only a suggestion, participants should speak with their clubs directly prior to proceeding with these steps to confirm what the club's payment options are.

If you have registered and paid BUT did not apply your AKV voucher you will need to complete the following: 

  • Contact your club directly and inform them of the situation, provide the 16 digit code (valid) which should/can be redeemed by the club with the Service NSW portal. Once the funds have been received by the club they should reimburse you for the vouchers total.

If you have registered and NO payment was made, please complete the following:  

  • If you have not paid online, your registration can be cancelled*, please re-register and apply your voucher code on the payment screen

    Cancelling an unpaid registration can be completed by your club or by yourself via the participant portal.