As a club you may want to offer a discount to your players who also perform another a role at your club such as coach, committee member or volunteer.

How to setup a Role based discount

    1. Login to Play football admin at your club level

    2. Click on the Registration menu in the blue bar at the top \ Click "Discount Rules" in the grey bar on the left \ "+ Add New Discount Rule"


    3. From the "Rule Type" drop down list - select "Role" 

    4. Enter in the role that you want to apply the discount to, the amount you want the discount to be and give the Discount a name / description

    5. The discount is now saved as an available discount rule to apply

    6. Create a new product or edit an existing product under Product Management

        Scroll down to Discount Rules & Tick the Discount(s) you want to make available to this product \ Save the product

How does the registrant get the discount applied to them?

 Depending on which role you have applied the discount to ie coach, committee member or volunteer - you would then advise your registrants to:

a) Register to that role FIRST and then wait to receive the email response that their registration to that role has been APPROVED by the club

b) Then advise them to now register as a player to the product that you as an admin have configured to accept the role discount. 

    The discount should then auto apply on the payment screen i.e in this example would show as -$20 for Player - coach discount