Quick Summary

If you are looking to understand what a "waitlisted" product is and how you can enable this option please read the following information. Waitlisted participants will not be required to make a payment, we would advise participants to not apply their Active Kids Voucher (AKV) just in incase the club is unable to accept the registration.


Key Notes

  • Waitlists are enabled and set up by each club
  • A club administrator sets the waitlist option from within each individual product (no bulk option available)
  • Waitlist registrations do not require a payment
  • Waitlist registrations will stay in a 'pending' status until the club reviews the registration


Steps to Completion

Enabling a waitlist on a product:

Step 1: Create your registration product

Step 2: Decide on the maximum number of registrants for a product  

Step 3: Apply the maximum number in signup restrictions and the setting area within the product 



First, log into your Play Football Admin portal, if you do not have access to the admin portal please speak to your association directly to request access. 
PlayFootball Admin Login page

Once you have logged in, click on "Registration" then "Product Management". Create or edit the product and scroll to the "signup restrictions and settings" area.

Add your maximum number of purchases and tick the 'enable wait listing' option. For example, if you set the maximum number as 20, the 21st, 22nd, 23rd  registration will enter the system with a pending - waitlisted status

Participant view

ofOnce registrations are opened and a product has reached its maximum number or participants set by the club, the product will remain open but will have 'wait listed' against the product instead of 'select'. 

Participants will be presented with a system message indicating that if they proceed with placing the registration they will be waitlisted, no payments required for waitlisted registrations.