A "Wait Listed" registration product is a registration product that has already reached the maximum amount of available registrations that can be taken.

Presenting the "Wait Listed" option allows the registrant to submit a registration request for this registration product and to go onto the "standby" list so that if someone cancels or de-registers from this product, you will then be notified that the registration product is now available again and you can complete your registration request to register to that product.


  • No payment will be taken to submit a request to be "Wait Listed" for a registration product
  • If you receive notification that the registration product is available to register to, you then have the option to complete the registration request and make payment
  • You can submit another registration request to another club whilst you are wait listed - but can only be made active to 1 (One) club football team per registration period.

How to submit a registration request to a "Wait Listed" registration product 

1. Browse to https://www.playfootball.com.au/register 

2. Commence your registration by finding the club you wish to register to and logging into your football account

3. Once you find a product that has the option of "Wait Listed" Click on the Wait Listed button

4. You will receive a notification such as the below - scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Continue button 

5. Enter in all your Participant details - Click Continue

6. Upload your profile photo - Continue

7. Answer the International Transfer Certificate question - Continue

8. On the "Review your order" screen - accept the Terms and Conditions - Continue

9. On the "Payment" screen - you will be notified:

a) A summary of what the cost will be if you choose to register to the product if you come off the wait list

b) Confirmation that you have been placed on a Wait List 

    - Click Submit button (no payment will be taken)

10.  On the "Confirmation" screen - click Finished Registration

The cub will then contact you to advise if you have been moved off the wait list and that the product has become available for you to complete your registration to.