Quick summary

This support article will provide guidance to participants on how they can recover if they receive the following message: "you need to be registered to have access to this feature" This message will be present within the participant portal

Key Notes

  • Participant portal (PP) is available to participants once they have a registration
  • PP is used to manage previous and current registrations
  • PP is not available to participants with no registration 
  • This error message will appear when no registration is linked to the participant


Steps to Completion

Step 1:  Sign in to your football account here

Step 2: Click 'Manage my registration' > if this error message appears head to step 4
(to remove this error message you will need to perform a registration)

Step 3: Manage participants registration

Step 4: Click 'start a registration'

Step 5: Find a club

Step 6: Follow prompts to finalise registration

  • Participant portal view with no registration
  • Participant portal view with a registration