Quick summary

This support article will provide assistance to participants on how to locate FFAs can be located from within the Football Account.

Key Notes

  • An FFA number is a unique identifier that contains 8 digits
  • FFA numbers are generated and distributed to participants when they register to football for the first time made
  • Participants should only be provided with one FFA number for the duration of their football career. Re-registrations should be made under the same FFA number
  • Club admins can view a participants FFA number from the admin portal
  • FFA numbers are required for course registrations
  • FFA numbers are listed on every invoice/tax receipt


Steps to Completion

Step 1: Sign in to your  Football Account

Step 2: Select 'Manage my registration'

Step 3: Select participant

Step 4: View FFA number



First, log into your Football Account using the link below. Make sure that you log into your Football Account using the original method that you created your account with using either your email address & password or using your social login. 

Football Account login page

Once logging into your Football account, click on "MANAGE MY REGISTRATION".  

If you do not have this option, please use the following link to assist with troubleshooting

Manage my registration is not available

After clicking on "MANAGE MY REGISTRATION", you will be directed to your 'Participant Portal'. Select "A" to change between linked accounts.

 An FFA number is located in different areas within the participant portal. Home screen 

FFA number is also available under the participant details, click on 'my details' then click 'participant details' and 'custom fields'. The custom fields area  displays all/any additional questions that you may have answer during the registration process Click 'payments' then down load the any invoice, FFA numbers are listed in the top left hand corner under the registrants details