Quick Summary

If you are looking to register for an upcoming coaching/refereeing course, then please follow these steps.

Key Notes

  • Before registering for a coaching/refereeing course, you must have an active registration for the current season. 
  • If you have not yet decided on where you will be participating please register to Football Australia Education - QMS to activate your eligibility for any course registrations.
  • You will need to wait 24 hours after being made active to be able to use your credentials (FFA number and email) to register for a course of your choice
  • The email address is case sensitive, any phone or tablet will automatically insert a capital at the start of the email

Steps to Completion

Step 1: Register to Football Australia Education - QMS,  if you haven't already done so click  -  Register here

Step 2: Wait 24 hours post your registration being approved

Step 3: Find a referee/coaching course


Once clicking on either link, you will be directed to the 'Find a Course' page. 

Use the filters to help locate a course near you. Once you have selected the course you wish to register too, please review the course details (location, time, duration and price), then click "Register".

After clicking on "Register", click on "I know my FFA number and email address", enter your FFA number as well as your email address and click "Continue". 

Complete the steps provided to submit your registration be sure to accept the T&C's. A confirmation email will be sent to the email addressed used during the registration process post completion.

If, however, you receive the below error then please click here