Document purpose

Provide Member Feds, Associations and Clubs with an overview of the new 'Profile Claiming' process in registration. This process has been developed to prevent duplication of registration profiles.

What has been updated?


What a registrant sees when they register (depending on their previous registration interactions). This is how a registrant (or parent) links to their Football Account ( to the registration profile (PlayFootball Rego) to prevent profile duplication and the resulting grading and integrity issues that come from duplication

  • Returning registrants from 2019 should expect to bypass the claiming process altogether and go directly to Product select. This will be the predominant group of registrants ie those with a Football Account and linked to the registration profile
  • Returning registrants with an existing registration profile but no connection to a Football Account will have an opportunity to locate and ‘claim’ their registration profile. The predominant group of individuals going through this process would have a registration in 2018 or prior AND no registration in 2019.
  • Completely new registrants can create a registration profile as normal and complete their registration.


What happens and to whom in the new process? (Quick view)




Prior Season (2019)

Current and Future Seasons (2020+)


New to Football

  • Create Football Account 
  • Create a registration profile
  • Register to a Product

No change


Registered to Football in 2019 and registering in 2020

  • Create Football Account 
  • Create a registration profile OR
  • Connected to their existing profile if they registered 2018 or before
  • Register to a Product
  • Log into their Football Account 
  • Register to Product


Registered last to Football in 2018 (or before) and registering in 2020


  • Create Football Account 
  • Go through profile claiming process to link to their former registration profile
  • Create a new profile if they cannot claim their old one (and merged at a later period)

What is the Step by Step process?

This diagram is an example of a person registering themselves. 

The registration of others eg children, is virtually identical, other than the first matching step will not trigger a match to a registration profile. The Football Account information is that of the parent, not the other/child.

How do I support my registrants through this process?


It is recommended that queries are directed to the PlayFootball Support team on 02 8880 7983 or


What if the registrant cannot access the email attached to the registration profile?

A profile claim cannot be made if the registrant does not now have access to the email address from their original registration profile. Eg. If I registered to Football in 2018 using my work email address and I no longer work at that company and cannot access the email. In this instance the registrant should contact the Support Centre to have their email adjusted directly in their registration profile to enable the claim. The Support team undertake an identification protocol to ensure access is being provided to the right person.

Can duplicate records still be created?

Yes, in the following two instances.

  1. A registrant chooses to bypass all claiming processes and sets up a new profile regardless
  2. When the following criteria are triggered eg person A, a parent of a child:
    • Person A registered to Football in 2018 or prior
    • They create a Football account and the details entered on the Football Account does not match an existing registration profile...therefore they do not link to their old registration record
    • Selects to register someone on their behalf eg a child
    • At this point a record is created for Person A
    • Now there are two reg profiles in the system for this individual (old and new)

Additional information: What’s the difference between the Football Account and Registration profile?


To understand the different instances of profile claiming, it is important to understand the difference between the Football Account and the Registration system. 


Football Account


  • The Football Account is accessed via and connected to the registration system
  • It is the ‘front door’ to the registration system, every registrant or parent needs a Football Account to complete a registration and access their registration profile
  • Every registrant in season 19 needed to create a Football Account
  • The Football Account is, and to a greater extent in the future, used across all Football Digital products to sign in for those services, not just for registration



Registration Profile


  • The Registration Profile is specific only to registration 
  • This profile contains a richer set of information about registrants including their family linking, registration history, photo, WWC info etc.