1.1 The photo upload tool no longer forces a user to upload a photo. If the user has an existing photo already loaded from a historical registration the user can continue through to the next step on the registration journey with no further photo actions (Freshdesk 101779)


1.2 Updated the link ‘Wrong Person? Click here to change Parent/Guardian’ link to prevent the screen from automatically scrolling to the top of the page when selected. Now when selecting the link the user’s position on the form does not change (ie they stay in the same position on the page), the parent/guardian can then change the information as expected.


Moving the user’s position on the form was confusing and believed responsible for creating issues with parents accidentally registering their child under their (the parent’s) first name (Freshdesk 101771)




1.3 The Active Kids Voucher transaction line has now been reintroduced into the Admin Portal in Registration > Product Purchases report (Freshdesk 99778)


1.4 Fix to prevent a registrant from selecting ‘Other’ Product when the Product Date is in the future. All Products should now only be available from selection on the Product ‘Available From’ date (Freshdesk 98669)


 1.5 A fix for some De-Registration requests that required Administrator action showing the eye-ball icon, not the pencil icon on the De-Registration screen. This was preventing the Administrator from processing the De-Registration. All De-registration requests should now show with the pencil icon where action is required by the Administrator (Freshdesk 97707)