1.1 The Team Status of ‘Inactive’ is now applied to the Team Edit screen (Teams > Team Management > Team Edit)




1.2 When teams are set as Official, team allocation can be amended by the Admin. Previously setting the team to Official blocked any adjustment of registrants to a team.

1.3 Registrants can now toggle the Primary Account owner of the registration account, in most cases this is the ‘parent’ making the registrations. Users reported ‘family groups’ were found with the child presented as the Primary user, this created registration issues for some users.


On accessing the ‘Person you are registering…’ screen the user is provided with a hyperlink to change their Primary user. 


On selecting the link the user is taken to the Participant Portal (user is not required to perform any additional authentication). When in the Participant Portal the registrant selects the Primary user via the radio button, on selecting the Update Primary User button the registrant is returned to the ‘Select the Person you are registering….screen’. The Primary Account user has now switched and registration can be completed as normal.





Participant Portal - switch Primary user

1.3 Registration Extract report now runs correctly. Users reported that after selecting the report parameters the report status showed a red x in the output queue, additionally when the report did run it exported as a blank doc. (Reports > Enterprise Reports > Registration Extract) (Issue ref: 103564)


1.4 Registration Detail report has been updated to show the following columns. Users reporting these columns had be removed from the report export. (Registration > Registration Management > {run a report} > Download Detail Report) (Issue ref: 98959)



1.5 Registrants can now upload a photo to their Participant Portal. Users reported an error when trying to perform an upload to the Portal (Issue ref: 101442)


 1.6 Correction to the application of the Concurrency rule where a handful of 2020 registrations are blocked due the incorrect application of the Concurrency rule. The concurrency rule was being incorrectly applied across the registrant’s 2019 and 2020 registrations (Issue ref: 100958)


1.7 Club Discount Rules have been updated to provide a percentage discount to registrants, currently only a flat amount can be set as a discount. Where configured, Registrants will receive a percentage discount of the club fee charge (Registration > Discount Rules > Add a new Discount Rule > {select a discount type} > Select discount option). 


The Discount Rule list shows a summary of all discounts created and their respective percentage rate or flat fee deduction, exception for Sibling discounts which have potentially multiple variable discount rates or flat fee deductions.