1.1 Admins can now edit the photo in the Person Edit modal (in Admin system) without needing to re-upload the photo. nb Click Upload button to save changes





 1.2 Addition of a Season filter in the ID card report (MF and Association level). Application of the filter provides a cleaner listing of team names and the ability to use the ‘Check All’ function to print only the current season’s cards



 1.3 Working with Children report (MF and Association level). Provides governing bodies with a concise view of non-player registrants, their allocation to team(s) and the WWC credentials collected in the registration. Viewed in Reports > People > Working with Children


1.4 Reinforced the prevention for a registrant to adjust their First name and/or Surname during the registration process


1.5 Correction of the Age calculation on the ID cards exported from the Team Management module (Freshdesk: 105295)


1.6 Improvement on the load times when using the Team Selection module in Team Management (Freshdesk: 105294)


1.7 Fix to an intermittent issue of receiving a Code 0 error when trying to save a registrant to a team in the Squad Allocation page (Freshdesk: 106136)


1.8 Reintroduction of the Welcome and Confirmation message in the registration process. These are the bespoke messages created in your Sign-Up form setup (Freshdesk: 100087)


1.9 Fix to WWC page in the Participant Portal, the user was receiving a Code 1 error when attempting to access the page (Freshdesk: 105244)