There are 3 different ways to use the Play Football website that participants can use to place a registration online. 

Option #1

Head to our Play Football website, Click here

A. If you had a registration last season, click on the re registering to play this season box

B. Then proceed to search for the club or Association (Referees) name via the search box 

C. Once you have found the club/association you would like to register with, select and continue.

D. Select the get started button

E.  Select sign in and use your football account email and password to log in and continue your online registration.

Option #2

Head to our Play Football website, Click here

A. If this is your first year registering as a participant (Player/Coach/Referee or Volunteer) and you DO NOT have a football account, click on the New to Football (refer to point F. regarding a football account)

B. Select the age group that is applicable to the participant 

C. Enter the suburb or postcode of where you are located

D. Use the map or list view to be able to see the clubs that are located in that suburb
If a club you would like to register to is NOT listed please contact 

E. Select the club and then select the start registration button

F. Select continue if you have not created a football account before. This will prompt you to create a Football account that you will use every year to register/manage your registration

If you have a football account, select sign in

Option #3

You can Log in via your Football Account. 

A. Sign in you your Football Account CLICK HERE

B. Select "Manage my Registrations" or "start a registration" 

C. If you selected "Manage my Registrations"  start typing the name of the club and select the club