1.1 The export of ID cards in the ID cards report (Card per page option) is now exported in the following order: Team name > Surname > Club Name


1.2 Removal of the Team Player Allocation menu option in the Teams module, this option is not used for Football


1.3 A fix for specific clubs that received a Code 0 error when trying to run the Additional Questions report


1.4 A fix for North West Sydney football where De-registration requests were showing under the name of the old association


1.5 A fix to the Registration Detail report to show the Member Federation’s reg type name in the ‘State_reg_type_Name’ and ‘State_Reg_Type’ columns, previously this was showing the Association reg type names


Participant data visibility


The following changes will be made in the next release to remove the levels of data access a club can see about ‘lapsed’ participants. The premise of the change is to provide only the relevant information about a participant to their old club.


Example: I registered to North Sydney FC in 2013 and was made Active, I do not have a new registration to the club in 2020 either pending or active. The club can now only see limited information about me inc my registration history with them, my name, email and year of birth. 


Note: this release will introduce partial change to the system, subsequent releases to the system will complete this module of work. The changes on this release have focused registrations in an Active status, subsequent changes will resolve the visibility of data for other registration statuses such as De-reg, Decline, Cancel etc


The change is for clubs only, governing bodies retain visibility as normal.


1.6 Create a sub-status called ‘Lapsed’


1.7 Move a registration to Lapsed when the Reg Period expires (or Reg Date if this Lapses after the connected Reg Period), note this is just for Active registrations currently. Eg at 31/12/2019 an Active registration is set to Lapsed


1.8 Restrict the visibility of the participant’s information, to a club, when the registration is lapsed. Visible information:



Can now see

Person Edit Modal (the pop-up that appears when you click the eye ball icon)

  • Fname/Sname
  • FFA + IAS number
  • Registration and role history to my club only


  • Fname/Sname
  • Email
  • Registration information
  • Year of birth



IMPORTANT: Subsequent release information


The following changes will be made in the next few releases on this module to obtain full consistency:


  • Process to move non-Active roles to Lapsed, eg Decline, De-Reg etc
  • Reinstatement of Reg data onto Registration Management export at club level
  • Year of birth to show on Financial and All Details reporting