Quick Summary

If you have been receiving the below error when trying to complete your registration, then please follow these steps. 

Key Notes

If you haven't already done so, log intoyour Play Football account using the link below. Make sure that you log into your Play Football account using the original method that you created your account with using either your email address & password or using your social login. 

Steps to Completion


Once logging in, click on "START A REGISTRATION". If you don't have that option, then click on "Play Football". 

Click on "Re-Registering to play this season?".

Fill in your club's name and then click on it. 

After clicking on your club, it will direct you to your club's 'Welcome' page. Click on "Get Started".

On the 'Select the person you are registering for' page, click on the "Click here to change your primary account". 

This will direct you to the 'Participant Portal' where you change who the primary account holder is. If no one is selected, then please choose one of the listed participants as the primary user. 

Once you have chosen the new primary user, click "Update Primary User", this will then direct you back to the 'Select the person you are registering for' page. 

This should now stop the error from being presented to you. 

If you issue persists, you can either either submit a support ticket using the following link https://support.playfootball.com.au/support/tickets/new or using our contact details below.