If players from your association/club are not displaying on Sports TG (STG) please contact your  parent organisation (Association/member Federation) if you are a club.

If you are an Association or Member federation please contact STG directly to ensure the Club has the correct organisation ID setup on their platform. The ID is listed under the clubs name on PlayFootball.

Sports TG Contact information : 1300 139 970 or support@sportstg.com

This search option is only available for Member Federations (MF) and Associations.

As an association you will need to manually push the data (person record) individually, there is NO BULK action. Use the following steps to push the data of the missing participant across, the data will become available the following day

To do this

  1.  Find participant  at Member Federation/ Association level
  2. Select 'People'
  3. Search for the participant
  4. Edit record, select the pencil icon
  5. Add a letter to the first or last name > Select  Save
  6. Remove that same letter > Select Save
    This record is now refreshed and will push into STG the following day


PlayFootball does not have a bulk merge option

[!] before completing the manual push please ensure STG have confirmed the club is correctly set up including the organisation ID.