Single use vouchers ; the system will automatically generate the amount of codes you have outlined within the voucher build

Single use; the system will automatically generate the amount of codes outlined within the build

How to create a Single use code:

Registration > Coupons

1.Add name (internal use)
2.Display name – name will be presented to your participants on the payment screen
3.Description will be presented on the front end at the point of sale 
4.Select redemption type as ‘single use’
5.Redemption code does not need to be created – the system will automatically create and generate the amount of vouchers outlined in the build
6.Add total promotion spend – the total promotional spend is how much will be discounted from an individual registration per participant. i.e. $20 
7.Codes to generate – this will on allow ‘x’ amount of codes to be created 
8.Available From and to dates can be set so that voucher can only be used between the date outlined

How to collect the single use codes:

Registration> Voucher management

1.Select ‘Voucher management’ 
2.Select the voucher you have recently created (name)
3.Select ‘outstanding’
4.Select ‘search vouchers’
5.Download the excel spreadsheet which includes all the vouchers you have recently created