1.1 Fix issue where non-players (eg Coach) were showing in the ID Card reports as a Player role


1.2 Update to the ID Card report to sort the Multi by Page report export by team name, participant surname and club name


1.3 Fix to the Customer Filters Management function that was showing a Code 0 error when adding a new filter


1.4 Fix to the Product Purchases report that was showing a Code 0 error when trying to download the report


1.5 Fix where some participant de-registrations that are being declined by associations, are remaining with a sub status of 'de-reg requested' in Registration > Registration Management screen


1.6 Fix to the Sign-up Form team selection option of ‘No Team’. When the No Team option was de-selected and the Sign-up form saved, the option reverts to a selected state.


1.7 Fix to the Sign-up Form Selected Optional Product section. When an item is selected in the Selected Optional Product section and the Sign-up form is saved the item reverts to the Available Options Product box.


1.8 Fix to the Product Details step in the participant registration process. When Optional Products had been selected for purchase the selection of the Update Shopping Cart button was not adding the Optional Products to the participant’s on-screen invoice/shopping cart.