Quick summary

This article will explain the different areas of the registration period dates or the registration dates. Registration dates if used correctly can prevent players from placing new registration and/or preventing them from managing their registrations (de-registering). This will help when Associations and Member federations need to work off billing/census dates.

Key Notes

  • Registration Dates are set by parent organisations/entities and may be changed by child organisations as long as the changes stay within the dates set by the parent organisation 
  • Registration Dates are linked to registration types
  • If no registration dates are set the registration type will always call on the current registration period (20XX) 
  • If no dates are set within a registration type by the child organisations (Member Federations or Associations) then Parent dates are  inherited
  • The registration period should reflect a full calendar year, the registration period is inherited from Football Australia
  • Registration dates can be set to reflect the competitions linked to the registration types
  • Registration dates cannot be deleted, be careful when creating dates as there is NO "delete" option

Steps to Completion - Building registration dates

Step 1: Select 'Management' - top right hand
(this option is only available for MFs and associations)

Step 2: Click 'Registrations'

Step 3: Click  'Registration Dates'

Step 4: Click 'add new reg period dates'

Step 5: Label your registration dates and apply relevant dates where mandatory fields are required

Step 6: Create your registration types and assign your registration dates 


Management mode – Registration > Registration dates 

First, login into your administration portal, if you do not have access please request access from your parent organisation. Once you have logged in select 'Management'- mode which is located in the top-right hand corner of the portal.

Navigate your way to the registration date tab which is located under 'Registration'.Then select 'add New Reg Dates' or 'edit' any current reg dates.
Name your registration dates, this label will be used when setting dates with your registration type. Example names Community Football, Winter Football, Beach Football etc.

Football Australia will create NPL dates, Men & Women Pro dates which can be inherited by all Member Federations and attached to relevant registration types

Next, add your relevant dates in all of the mandatory fields.

From and To Dates; sets the boundaries for the registration period, the dates set the start (from date) and end date (to date) of validity for all registrations linked to this registration type. 'To Date' once reached will push the registrations into a lapsed status and cannot be edit or managed, this date should be left as open as possible. 

Open Date; indicates when the registration window is open, participants will be able to place registrations once this date has been reached

Close Date; indicates when registrations are no longer being accepted

Lock Date; prevents participants from managing their registration(s), when this date is reached participants cannot request de-registrations or cancel their registration

Age Measurement Date; Date is listed as the end of the year (31st December 20XX)

Finally, assign your registration dates to your Registration Types;  assign your reg dates when you are creating or editing a registration type. This is located within the pricing area. 

[!] Error messages

When a registration date has been reached participants will receive error messages or are unable to perform an action.

If a registration type has reached the reg CLOSE DATE participants will receive the following message when attempting to register to a product linked to the registration type.

When a LOCK DATE has been reached participants will not be able to de-register from their club.

Here is what a participants portal looks like when the lock date has been reached:

  • 'de-reg' option is removed

Here is what a participants portal looks like when the lock date has NOT been reached:

  • 'de-reg' option is available