Registration dates

 Management mode – Registration > Registration dates 

Registration Dates; Dates are set at an Association or Member Federation level and should be used to capture  the competition registration windows. Registration Dates should be used against social, summer and other non-club football types.
 Registration dates for NPL competitions can also be created(Professional and Non-Professional competitions).

Registration Dates will need to be assigned to the Registration Type; 
the date will need to selected in the pricing box  under ‘Reg type Dates’ 
Registration date and Registration period

From  and To Dates; sets the boundaries for the registration period, the dates set the start and end date of all registration linked to this registration type. 'To Date' once reached will push the registrations into a lapsed status and cannot be edit or managed, this date should be left as open as possible. 

Open Date; indicates when the registration window is open, participants will be able to placing registrations

Close Date; indicates registrations cannot be placed after this date

Lock Date; prevents participants from managing their registrations (de-register and decline), when this date is reached participants cannot request de-registrations or cancel

Age Measurement Date; Date is listed as the end of the year (31st December 20XX)

The registration period date editor is located in management mode at the Member Federation and Association level.
Registration Dates should be created before your registration type is created or edited, the dates will need to be selected and added from within the registration Dates.

Error message will be received by participants if the Lock date and Close date has been reached – Please check Registration dates, Registration period dates to troubleshoot the problem