What can the voucher be used for?
The voucher can be used for registration, membership or participation fees for structured activities that provide a moderate to vigorous level of physical activity.


  • sport
  • dance
  • swimming lessons
  • structured and supervised fitness programs
  • approved active recreation

Vouchers cannot be used for:

  • individual items or equipment including jerseys, socks or boots, that are not part of the registration cost.
  • programs that are less than 8 weeks’ duration
  • gym membership that is not part of a structured and supervised program
  • activities that are part of the school curriculum or conducted during school hours
  • after-school care services and tutors
  • school-run competitions, including weekend inter-school sport competitions or activities
  • travel to and from competitions.

How long are vouchers valid?
Both vouchers expire on 31 December of the year of issue, as stated on the voucher.
A voucher can only be used once with an approved Active Kids provider.
Expired vouchers cannot be redeemed for reimbursement.

Can vouchers be combined for the same activity?
No, you cannot combine the two vouchers.  Active Kids is intended to increase a child’s participation in sport or active recreation.
You cannot combine two vouchers to pay for a single activity in the same term even if the activity costs more than $100.
The vouchers must be used for a separate program of activity or a different activity.

For more information regarding active kids voucher please contact activekids@sports.nsw.gov.au