Quick Summary

You can create a Play Football system voucher for your clubs at the association level. If you wish to do so, then please follow these steps.

Key Notes

  • If you decide to create a Play Football system voucher at the association level for all clubs under your umbrella, only one voucher can be applied by the participant during the registration process i.e. cannot use both an Active Kids Voucher or similar State Government voucher and the voucher created by the association. 

Steps to Completion

  • First, log into your association's Play Football Admin account using the link below.

Play Football Admin login

  •  Once logging in, click on "REGISTRATION".

  • Click on "Coupons".

  • Click on "Add new voucher scheme", fill in the required details and click "Save". Your voucher is now created and you can distribute the voucher code to your associated clubs.