Quick Summary

If the club you are currently registered at initiates the de-registration, then please follow these steps. 

Steps to Completion

First, you will receive email notification that your club has requested a de-registration. Click on the link within the email sent to be directed to the Play Football 'Sign In' page. Sign in using the original method that you created your Play Football account with using either your email address & password or using your social login. 

Once logging in, you will be directed to the 'Participant Portal'. If the "my registration" tab does not appear when logging-in, you will need to go directly to https://user.playfootball.com.au/ to access the Participant Portal directly. Once in the Portal, click on "Registration" and then "Reg/DeReg". 

If it's a linked person's registration you wish to de-register for, then click on the name in the top right-hand corner and select the person you wish to de-register for in the drop-down menu.  

If the person you wish to de-register is not listed under 'Linked Records' then click here.

Under 'Registration Requests' you can click "Approve or Accept" to accept the de-registration that your club has initiated.


Once clicking that, you will see that the request has been updated and states 'SECOND_LEVEL_APPROVAL_REQUIRED'. You must now wait for the association that your club is a part of to approve the registration before you can approach the club about a refund or to re-register at a new club. 

After the association approves the de-registration, an email will be sent to confirm that your de-registration has been finalised.

If you have issues de-registering, you can either either submit a support ticket by clicking here or using our contact details below.

  • Email: support@playfootball.com.au
  • Telephone: 02 8880 7983
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 5:30pm
You will need to provide the participant's full name, DOB and the club they are de-registering from in order for us to assist.